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Capt. Carlos, Thanks for the pictures it helped when trying to explain to the family how big that cow was. Your the best dude, thanks again for a most excellent day with you and your crew. All of us truly appreciate you. Till next time!

~ Tom S.

My boys and I had the good fortune to fish with Captain Fred and his mate Joe today. Words can not express what a first class operation he runs! I had told Fred I wanted to give my boys an opportunity to catch a 'big one' and he did not disappoint!

I can not recommend him enough to anyone who is considering doing a charter.

Thank you again Fred, we had a blast.

~ Jack K.

Capt. Fred, Thanks for a great day Thursday. The weather couldn't have been better. I never expected a 50 degree wind free day in December! Catching stripers two at a time with the whole gang of us hooking up at the same time was a hoot. There's more to catching a blackfish than meets the eye and they are as tasty as you said. We had some last night, and I believe we bumped them up to the favorite seafood on the list. Plus you can't beat the freshness! We learned a great deal, you were a great captain, the boat was ideal, and I enjoyed the chat with Dave, not to forget that you put us on a mess of fish. Thanks!

~ Joe B.

Capt. Carlos, our whole group seriously appreciate all you did for us Sunday. You put your heart into it and your experience is evident. It was a pleasure to fish with you and hope to do so again soon. Can't wait to "live line" bunker in the spring. Thanks again!

~ Tom S.

We had a great day today man!! Thanks for the excitement and feeding frenzy. Those blue sharks were killer. Definitely the best trip I've been on. Can't wait to book another charter.

~ John K.

On behalf of everyone that went out Sunday I just wanted to thank you again for the great trip the guys and myself had Sunday with Capt. Joe. Grabbing Fluke keepers on the first lines dropped was a great way to start the day and the action didnít stop until we headed back to the dock... The blue casting and bird chasing was lots of fun too, first timers were shown the ropes by Capt Joe who was very patient. Speaking of Capt. Joe, what a stand up guy and great knowledge of the Jersey sea. The music was great, the sea was cooperative and the weather was beautiful. What more can a bunch of city slickers ask for!!! Can't wait until everyone finishes eating their catch so we can book another trip before the season ends.
Thanks again,

~ Jared K.

2009 Archived Fishing Reports

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12/18/09 - Tog Limit with the McCall/Smith Crews

12/15/09 - Tog Trip with the Chuck Routar Charter

12/7/09 - Tog Limit with Adam Zion Charter (Round 2)

11/30/09 - Tog Limit with the Adam Zion Charter

11/29/09 - John Liptock Striper Charter Sunday

11/25/09 - Tog Limit Today

11/20/09 - Striper Limit with the Mike Fox Charter

11/14/09 - Miami Trip & Move to New Marina

11/09/09 - Fun Trip With The Boys (a Tog Slaughter)

10/21/09 - Canyon/Inshore Charter

10/11/09 - Crew & Kids Bluefin-Bottom Trip

10/5/09 - Jim Baier Charter

09/22/09 - Mixed Bag Canyon Trip with A Split Charter

09/21/09 - Puck Byrne Charter

09/15/09 - Bluefin/Wreck Trip with the Adam Zion Charter

09/04/09 - Inshore tuna trip with Dan Bombaci

08/28/09 - New Mate for the Future

08/25/09 - Tuna/Mahi trip with the Scolamacchia Charter

08/17/09 - Duane Family Charter

08/17/09 - Dr Stone & Sons Charter

08/14/09 - Tuna Trip with Mat Loiselle Charter

08/12/09 - Canyon/Inshore trip with the Mark Hoilman Charter

08/09/09 - Open Boat Tuna, Tiles & Monster Pollack

08/03/09 - Peter Miller Charter (All Day Seabass Trip)

07/26/09 - Ed Mcginnis Couples Charter

07/19/09 - Jack Sassanni Mud Hole Wreck Charter

07/17/09 - Pat Noonan Blues/Wreck Charter

07/10/09 - Bluefish Trip with Steve Holman Charter

07/09/09 - Offshore Mixed Bag with the John Toronto Charter

07/08/09 - Canyon Trip to Repair Buoy 44066/Canyon Mixed Bag Fishing

07/06/09 - Tyson Sea Bass Charter

07/02/09 - Midshore report with the John Gregory Charter

06/27/09 - Ron Nobile Sea Bass Charter

06/26/09 - Don Geiss Striper Charter

06/25/09 - Peterson Family Seabass Charter

06/24/09 - Andrew Lagermasini Charter

06/22/09 - Striper Limit with the Mark Hamlin Charter

06/19/09 - Striper Trip with the Duane Butler Charter

06/18/09 - Striper Limit with the Gerald Paige Charter

06/17/09 - Striper Trip with the Mark Krute Charter

06/16/09 - John Liptock Striper Charter

06/15/09 - Striper Limit with the Brandon Igdalsky Charter

06/14/09 - Dave Zeigler Charter

06/13/09 - Mike Accordino Party Cruise

06/12/09 - Striper/Seabass Trip with the Kevin Butler Charter

06/11/09 - Sascha Zellner Charter

06/10/09 - Mid Afternoon Striper Trip with Brian Priest and the Boys

06/09/09 - Striper Limit with the Kemp Family

06/08/09 - Jack Kosowsky & Sons Charter

06/05/09 - Miquel Oldenberg Charter

06/05/09 - Todd Moyer 2nd Day Striper Limit

06/04/09 - Todd Moyer Shark Charter

06/02/09 - Seabass Trip with the Tony Picaro Charter

06/01/09 - Striper Trip Past 2 days Charles Foschini Charter

05/31/09 - Roger Baehr Charter

05/29/09 - Frank Hess Striper Limit with a Touch of Bottom Fishing

05/28/09 - Striped Bass Trip with Mike Fox Charter

05/27/09 - Mixed Bag Trip with the Chuck Routar Charter

05/26/09 - Mark Krute's Striper Trip In River Due to Charter Cancellation

05/24/09 - John Liptock Charter (Cut Short)

05/23/09 - Boat Move with Slick Rick

05/22/09 - Gerald Paige Charter

05/21/09 - Striped Bass & Bluefish w/ Martalus Charter

05/20/09 - Mike Reynolds Charter

05/19/09 - Striper Live-Lining w/ Shawn Mullen Charter

05/17/09 - Jack Hamill Charter

05/16/09 - Kids ASA Striper Trip

05/15/09 - Chris Decrese Striper Trip

05/14/09 - Mike Fox Charter

05/13/09 - John Gerhart Mixed Bag Charter

05/11/09 - John Liptock Striper Charter

05/09/09 - Willie Engelhart Charter

05/05/09 - Striper Chunking Trip with the Rich Greenley Charter

05/03/09 - Dave Barker Bachelor Party

05/01/09 - Kid Striper Trip on Raritan Bay

04/25/09 - Scouting Report

04/10/09 - Scouting Report

01/27/09 - Offshore Seabass Fishing Trip

01/12/09 - Mixed Bag Trip with the Bob Smith Crew

01/06/09 - Offshore Mixed Bag Bottom Fishing

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